Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 2: Dippin' Dots

Name: Dippin' Dots

Total Ingredients: 23

Why Unhealthy: High fat, sugar.

Personal Justification: Ice Cream of the Future!

Enabler: FSU Baseball Game Vendor. And their shiny sign.

Personal Pledge: Next FSU baseball game, I'll sneak in TCBY or something.


  1. Thanks for going to the baseball game and not inviting me. I see how it is.

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  3. Name: Mint Julep

    Total Ingredients: 4

    Why Unhealthy: Drinking always leads to unsavory, high cal food cravings.

    Personal Justification: Kentucky Derby!

    Enabler: General Quarters and Thomas R. McCarthy.

    Personal Pledge: Next time - Mojitos (funny moment)

  4. If this is the ice cream of the future... Do the calories only count in the future?

  5. Meghan: Next time we'll go and wave pennants and be sports-like.

    Rachel: You should take over this blog, b/c you're better at it than I.

    Bret: The calories are "to be named later," but in the future, calories do not exist. That is the brilliance of it all.